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March 22, 2018

M-CHS Black Box Theatre

The Impulsive Improvisers
Improvisation: n. the art of performing without a script, making up everything on the spot

Perhaps you've seen the show "Whose Line is it Anyway." That's improv!

The Impulsive Improvisers are our school improv team, and they rehearse twice a week to prepare their improv skills to entertain audiences each month. For the funniest, most affordable show in town, join us each month at the M-CHS Auditorium - The Impulsive Improvisers will create a show to the audience's suggestions, and it's sure to have you rolling with laughter.

Introducing the Narrative Ninjas!

This group of improvisors works with elementary school kids to write a story, and then they perform the stories for the kids.

Narrative Ninjas is a celebration of creative writing! Look for the ninjas in a classroom near you!